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2012年4月28日 星期六

號外:「20 People changing the way we eat and drink」 ~ Timeout Hong Kong

The city’s best food bloggers

In today’s social media-dominated dining scene, everyone is swapping restaurant recs or food photos on blogs, Facebook, Twitter
or Instagram. But there was a time when pulling out a camera at the dinner table would elicit weird looks from those around you. Just ask Janice Leung and KC Koo, who’ve been uploading their eating exploits long before tweeting became the big bird it is today. Leung’s been writing under the name e_ting since 2004 and her English blog and Twitter page both attract thousands of followers who read her up-to-the-moment views about the city’s latest ramen shop opening or the newest hidden private kitchen.

Koo’s online legacy dates back even further. A famous personality among Canto-speaking foodies, Gourmet KC (his online handle) got started by writing ruthlessly honest reviews on the online restaurant directory Since writing his first review in 2001, Koo now has more than 6,500 reviews on OpenRice, as well as a very popular food blog which receives more than 3,000 hits every day (KC: In fact I got more than 6,500 per day).

Both Leung and Koo are also working on other things beyond the cyber world. Koo published his first Hong Kong restaurant guidebook last summer and rolled out a Macau follow-up edition earlier this month. As for Leung, she’s partnered up with Springalicious’ Vincent Poon to launch Island East Markets later this year – a giant green market in Tai Koo featuring local organic produce, craft items and eco-focused talks and demos. It’s definitely something to get buzzed about.

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